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    望你早歸 Longing for your Return 光明世界 The New Whole World

【 光 明 世 界 】李立中個展,2015
The New Whole World - Lee Li-Chung Solo Exhibition, 2015


光明世界 The new whole world #1,2013

Photography, Inkjet print
84 X 150 cm

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光明世界 The new whole world #2,2014

錄像,1分20秒 循環播放,單頻道
黑白,無聲,Full HD 1920*1080
Video, 1min20sec always loop, Single-channel
BW, without Sound, Full HD 1920*1080


光明燈 Kuang-Ming Teng,2015

現成物 Ready-Made
35 x 90 x 35 cm


惑 星 Planet,2013

Photography, Inkjet print
75 X 50 cm

羅斯特事件 Lost #1,2014

Censer, Cement, Sandalwood powder
30 x 33 x 8.5 cm


神遊 Space out,2013-  (ongoing)

Photography, Inkjet print
a. 120 X 67.5 cm
b. 36 X 20.3 cm

神變 Mutation,2014-  (ongoing)

錄像,60秒 循環播放,單頻道
彩色,無聲,Full HD 1920*1080
Video, 60secs always loop, Single-channel
Color, without Sound, Full HD 1920*1080

神遊 土庫天后宮,2014
Space out - Tuku Tianhougong

錄像,60秒 循環播放,單頻道
黑白,有聲,Full HD 1920*1080
Video, 60secs always loop, Single-channel
BW, with Sound, Full HD 1920*1080


李立中 X 么八二空間




Lee, Li-Chung X 182 Art Space

Artist Lee Li-Chung focuses on the distance under human civilization and technology development. He tried to question and revealed the unrealistic part of art by his creations. In this exhibition, he showed his photo and film series under the theme of faith. From the point of Taiwanese local faith of lighting the lanterns, which is a symbol of blessing, he brought out that the value of faith has changed under the worldwide capitalized society. He used huge project images to enlarge the holiness and illusory of faith. He responded the connection between local faith and social structure.


場 所 之 間 / 台南新藝獎

2015/03/25- 2015/04/26
No.182, Xinmei St., West Central Dist., Tainan City 700

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